Annotation Compounded Micro-polishing®

The MAC Essay Development Service Offering is one of our most popular Service Offerings, which is focused exclusively on reviewing your essay, providing detailed annotations and helping you create a world class essay. The MAC Essay Development Service Offering applies a technique which MAC has named “Annotation Compounded Micro-polishing®.” The MAC Essay Development activity begins with your MAC consultant performing an initial review of your essay and then a Program Expert providing detailed annotation in the form of comments directly on your essay.

The detailed annotations will identify areas of strength as well as areas for improvement. Following this initial identification, the client will address the MAC Consultant’s recommendations and provide a more refined essay version. After potentially some additional exchanges between the MAC Consultant and the client, the MAC Consultant will take the semi-final version of the essay and apply our Micro-polishing technique to it. Micro-polishing essentially reconstructs your essay by focusing on each sentence in your essay and addressing the root issues with each sentence and working from the most detailed level up. The end result, is a highly polished essay at the macro level with finely tuned sentences yielding a highly compelling essay, all while maintaining the essence of your inner voice. This process is completed when you, the MAC consultant, and Program Expert are completely satisfied with the quality of the essay.

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