Admitted MBA Candidates

MAC Fellows are an exclusive group of recently admitted prospective candidates to top-tier MBA Programs, who successfully worked with our consultants. MAC Fellows, are individuals who placed their trust into our consultants to gain admissions to the world’s most elite and challenging MBA Programs.

Due to MAC Fellows successful experience with our consultants, they like to elaborate upon their own experience with prospective MBA candidates and how it helped them get into top-tier MBA Programs . MAC Fellows have graciously offered their time to provide their opinion on MAC’s services, as well as how MAC can assist prospective top-tier MBA candidates to achieve similar successes.

We believe that MAC Fellows are the best individuals who can address any questions which a prospective client may have regarding the success with our consultants. In addition, we also feel that MAC Fellows can provide a detailed elaboration of the process as they have gone through the entire admissions life-cycle themselves.

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mac111Fellows Briefing