Presentation Is Everything

The MAC Image Specialists are either former or current marketers, models, fashion column editors, fashionistas, etiquette experts, professional speakers or grooming stylists. MAC Image Specialists are involved at various parts of the admissions consulting process given the specific needs of MAC’s clients.

This team of experts work with our clients to provide aesthetic, physical image, body language and communication guidance to MAC clients. MAC Image Specialists have a proven track record of providing objective guidance in a constructive and empathetic manner to our clients, which results in a highly beneficial discussion. MAC Image Specialists come with extensive experience in creating an optimal style for the candidate, which encompasses image, personal style, and an unforgettable brand.

For some MAC clients, Image Specialists provide grooming and physical image guidance prior to the candidate’s interactions with any MBA Program representative; for others, MAC Image Specialists are involved to provide advice prior to a MAC client’s MBA admissions interview. The prep may also be focused on assessing the client’s communication style, voice inflections, modulations, pace and breadth of grammar as per the client’s request.

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