MAC Consultants

MAC consultants have significant tenure in the top-tier MBA admissions consulting space. They are seasoned consultants and come with up to 10 years in the MBA admissions consulting industry. Our consultants are former top-tier MBA program Faculty members, former top-tier MBA program admissions committee members and are all top-tier MBA program graduates. Given MAC’s emphasis on hiring and retaining only the finest talent, our clients are guaranteed the most qualified MBA admissions consulting guidance by seasoned communicators and strategists. Our team of consultants is supported by an unsurpassed team to provide you the most competitive advantage.

The MAC consulting approach is based upon the premise of seamless integration between our consultants and our support team to provide the most optimal positioning of your top-tier MBA admissions application package. Our consultants and support team have been hand selected by MAC Executive Leadership, as we at MAC believe that an organization is only as excellent as the people that it is comprised of. To keep apprised of the latest academic and industry trends, our consultants and support team are sponsored for industry conference participation as well as continuing education. Given MAC’s penchant for the highest quality of services delivered, MAC Executive and Senior Leadership have implemented an innovative quality assurance process to ensure that our MAC consultants as well as our support team are performing at their optimum levels.


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