MBA Interview Preparation

Nearly all of the top-tier MBA programs offer admissions interviews to a select group of their applicants on a yearly basis. It is a rite of passage for our clients to receive their admissions interviews, because it is symbolic of the top-tier MBA program’s interest in finding out more about our clients.

The interview time can be one of immense trepidation for all, especially for our clients who are very familiar with interviewing essentials in their respective countries; however, who are not as confident in interviewing in a different cultural context. Furthermore, even for domestic U.S. nationals or international clients, who are interviewing with U.S. based institutions, the MBA interview can pose a significant number of challenges which may not arise in a normal interview context. While a career interview is primarily focused on competencies, the MBA interview focuses on broad topics from professional experiences as well as more personal areas.

The MAC Interview Preparation Service is comprised of separate sessions where the consultant will facilitate mock preparatory interviews. Sessions are usually conducted either telephonically or via multi-media communication tools such as Skype or Google+. The MAC consultant will primarily ascertain the client’s ability to communicate past experiences as well as their short-term and long-term goals. The consultant will ask a series of actual MBA questions that the interviewer will most likely ask. Feedback is also provided accordingly, to ensure that the MAC client addresses the areas of concern. The MAC consultant will focus on bringing all of the learnings from prior sessions, cohesively into the last mock interview.

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