Complete Synopsis

The MAC Resume Review Service Offering is utilized by our clients to specifically create a world class MBA application resume. The MBA applicant assumes that majority of the admissions decision by the Committee results from either, the Grade Point Average, GMAT score or Essays; however, the experienced MBA applicant knows that the professional context can greatly influence a positive outcome from the Program’s Admissions Committee.

The MBA resume differs from the traditional professional work experience resume, in that it elaborates upon a greater number of attributes. The importance of the MBA resume cannot be overstated, for it is often the first impression of you and your application to the Admissions Committee. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the MBA resume accurately reflects your true capabilities and competencies in a manner which impressed the Admissions Committee immediately.

The MAC Resume Review involves the MAC consultant performing an initial review of your resume. Following this, the MAC consultant will provide general or detailed annotations directly to your resume and to identify areas which require additional elaboration, editing, as well as content restructuring. After the client has addressed the primary areas of concern, the MAC consultant will perform subsequent reviews of the resume and then direct in-line edits to create an MBA resume of the highest caliber.

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